Virtual Trade Show

West Coast Pet Supplies

West Coast Pet Supplies is a family owned and operated wholesale distribution company that services pet industry retailers, zoos/animal parks and wildlife care organisations in Western Australia. 

Located in the Perth foothill’s suburb of Wattle Grove, West Coast Pet Supplies was established by Stuart Chamberlain and partners in 1988. Stuart remains at the helm of the company, assisted closely by his son-in-law, Justin Pieroni. Stuart’s two daughters, Gemma and Angie, also each have roles in the business and other members of our team include Connie, Chris, Tasa and Cody.

Specialising in bird, aquarium and pond products, our major brands include Hikari, Sera, MKF Water Conditioner, Vetafarm, Wombaroo/Passwell, Avione, Cheeky Bird, Showmaster, SeedMate and Bono Fido bird cages. We stock a comprehensive range of bird, fish and pond accessories, live foods, aquarium plants, tropical fish and cold-water fish along with a selection of dog, cat and reptile products.

We are constantly on the lookout for exciting new products to introduce to the WA market and warmly welcome new trade opportunities generated by the Pet Industry News inaugural virtual trade show.