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Biogone was formed as the owners were very concerned about the over use of single use plastic products.  Products like dog waste bags are used for a short time then discarded and will still last 100’s of years.  They pollute the environment and waste increasingly precious resources.    BioGone technology allows these bags to be digested away by naturally occurring microbes in a landfill.  This is not a degradable method that merely makes the bags fragment into little pieces of plastic, but is a true biodegradable material that is broken down by microbes once discarded.   This means the bags have no shelf life, they will last years until you dispose of them to a landfill.   They can be mainstream recycled should you use them for other purposes suitable for recycling

Recycled Plastic.  Not only are BioGone bags landfill-biodegradable, they are also made from 50% recycled material to make them even more sustainable.

A Range of Rolls.   From the small carry rolls of 20 bags to carry in your pocket or dog leash pouch on up to an economy large wide rolls of 180 bags.  Large rolls to fit dispensers mounted in council parks are available in either a jumbo roll of 500 bags or wider mouth bags in rolls of 250.