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Americans spend nearly half a billion dollars on Halloween costumes for their pets

There is a new report out that Americans spend $490 million collectively on Halloween costumes for their pets according to the National Retail Federation.

Since 2009 to 2019 the percentage of people buying Halloween costumes for their pets jumped 26%.

Dressing up pets might seem absurd to some, but it’s grown in popularity over the years and is becoming big business. When we first asked the question in 2010, 12 percent planned to dress up their pets; today, it’s nearly two in 10 (17 percent). Likewise, spending on pet costumes continues to increase: This year total planned spending for pet costumes comes in at $490 million, more than double what we saw in 2010.”

This may not come as a surprise to some because if you look at costumes at Target, Walmart, and even Spirit, you will find a large section for pet costumes. Even PetSmart and Petco sell dog, cat, and guinea pig (yes, guinea pig) costumes.

“Curious what these cute animals will be dressed as? Top pet costumes this year include pumpkins, hot dogs and superheroes — because every pet is a superhero in their owner’s heart.”