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Man Heroically Catches Dog Falling From Upstairs Window

Dramatic footage has emerged of one man’s heroic mid-air rescue of a dog that fell from a first story window in the U.K.

Adam Ravenhall, 29, has been hailed as a hero by Neil Lacey, the landlord of The Mount Pleasant Pub in Kingswinford in the West Midlands, after saving the dog from a potentially life-threatening fall.

Ravenhall’s heroics were captured by a 10-second section of CCTV footage posted to the bar’s Facebook page by the landlord last Sunday.

In the clip, Ravenhall can be seen in the venue’s outdoor area with a group of friends, preparing to catch something flying in from above.

In a flash, the small dog comes into shot, with Ravenhall showing impressive reaction skills to not only grab the dog but successfully bring him down to the ground without harming himself or the airborne canine.

“When you find a lost dog. Put it in the flat upstairs to keep him safe. This is what happens……..” the video’s caption reads.

Lacey told Newsweek how the dramatic rescue came about.

“We had a lost dog handed into us, so I took a picture of him and put it out on our local Facebook page,” the pub landlord explained.

The dog had been found wandering around nearby and was brought into the pub by a regular who hoped they would be able to help.

Keen to look after the dog until his owners were located, Lacey set the pet up with a cozy space in the flat located above the bar.

That plan was soon derailed, however, after the dog decided to do a little exploring.

“Somehow he opened the door and then the window and got out on the roof,” Lacey said.

“I ran in to tell someone to go upstairs and grab the dog but he decided to jump.”

Fortunately for everyone involved Ravenhall and his friends were drinking in the garden.

The group, who all play together for local amateur soccer team Mount Pleasant FC, were enjoying a well-earned drink after a game.

“Luckily one of our football team lads saw what was going on and stood underneath. Then to everyone’s surprise the dog jumped.”

Ravenhall’s catch has made him something of a local celebrity and earned him a free beer in the process from the pub’s landlord who says he is “most definitely” a hero after his efforts.

There was a happy ending for the dog too, who was reunited with his owner soon after his daring escape.

Source: Newsweek