Which cat breed is the most popular on TikTok?

For the world of feline fans, there is nothing like an amusing cute kitty video to help put on a smile. Be it a beautiful British Shorthair or a Massive Main Coon, cat videos provide us with endless amusement and heart melting moments.

TikTok, has offered cat lovers hours of scrolling entertainment, with the hashtag  #CatsofTikTok, earning 49.3 billion views.  Since launching just five years ago, the video sharing platform has gained huge popularity, and currently has more than 689 million active users monthly.

Although all cats are special in their own way, certain breeds are more popular than others. To find out which cats are the cream of the crop, the pet insurance experts at have clawed their way through TikTok hashtags, in order to discover which cat breeds have received the most views.

So paws (sorry) for a moment, to discover which cat breed is the most popular among TikTok users.

Which cat breed is the most popular on TikTok?

  1. Bengal Cat: 1.5 bn views
  2. Sphynx Cat – 1.0 bn views
  3. British Shorthair Cat – 888.4M views
  4. Maine Coon Cat – 771.1M views
  5. Scottish Fold Cat – 666.6M views
  6. Persian Cat – 362.1M views
  7. Savannah Cat – 213.4M views
  8. Munchkin Cat – 141.1M views
  9. Ragdoll Cat – 137.0M views
  10. Siamese Cat – 82.4M views
  11. Siberian Cat – 70.6M views
  12. Russian Blue – 57.3M views
  13. Oriental Cat – 45.5M views
  14. Exotic Shorthair Cat – 25.1M
  15. Birman Cat – 17.4M views

Our research reveals that the beloved Bengal cats are the most popular breed among TikTokers. Leading the way, the wild looking beauties have ticked up 1.5bn views. Bengals possess a beautiful exotic coat, and are truly the leopard’s of house cats.

As well as their good looks, Bengals make great family pets; being trainable, clever and fun to play with. They are some of the most vocal cat breeds and very interactive, making them excellent for cat viewing pleasure!

Sphynx cats are the second most popular breed on TikTok, with 1bn views. Known for their lack of hair, Sphynx are also one of the most unique cat breeds out there. Although they do not bear a soft fluffy coat, they are renowned for their affectionate nature.

In fact, due to their lack of hair, they look for cuddles and warmth from their owner even more so than most cats making them one of the most friendly cat breeds around.

Coming third on the list is the “British Shorthair Cat Breed”, with 888.4M views. British shorthair cats are the pedigreed variety of British traditional ones. Most commonly among the breed is the beautiful “British Blue”, who possess a beautiful grey-blue coat and orange eyes.

They have adapted over time and fashion various colours. With their gentle nature and calm temperament, it is no wonder they are a popular breed among cat lovers.

The grand Maine Coon cat comes in fourth position, with 771.1M views. The breed is the largest domesticated cat breed, and they are truly gentle giants. As well as big in size, Maine Coon’s often have huge personalities.

Scottish Fold Cats come in fifth with 666.6M views on TikTok. They are affectionate, friendly and their unique folded ears make them undeniably cute looking.

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Cat breeds most popular on TikTok was compiled by looking at the number of views as listed on TikTok for videos with the relevant breed hashtag on 17/11/2021.