Animal Welfare International

The phenomenon of stray cat has become a difficult problem in the China Cities

There are few small animal protection bases in China cities because of the governments pay less investment in the treatment of stray animals and Chinese people careless of Small animal, especially for cats.

As reported,generally there is no animal production base in second and third-tier cities which is a big quantities.And in Beijing, there are about 600 dogs in the base but just several cats because few people adopt kitties.

Even if the small animal protection association in the future have the ability to rescue, shelter stray cats,but this is only a few enthusiastic people spontaneously limited help,it can not solve the problem of more and more cats being abandoned year by year.

The main reason of increasing number of stray cats is that there is a rise in the number of members of the public buying a cat, but And for fear of animal disease, unacceptable living habits……..then abandon them.