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Fressnapf exclusive brands will be available to customers worldwide

It all began in 1998 with “MultiFit” – the first private label brand of dog and cat food. Today, the Fressnapf Group speaks of exclusive brands, which are managed like real brands, permanently developed qualitatively and innovated. In doing so, they consciously set themselves apart from comparable industrial brands.

Today, the 16 brands with several thousand articles represent a turnover share of over 50 percent in the company. In the past year, the exclusive brands cracked the one billion Euro mark in sales for the first time.

The past few months, a high-performance concept has been developed which enables distribution and sales in other countries, including non-European countries. For this purpose, the Fressnapf Group is in permanent talks to carefully evaluate the opportunities and potential according to country, region and customer needs. The aim is to significantly increase the reach of the exclusive brands and to build up a network of cooperations in the pet retail sector and to expand these cooperations to other areas if necessary.

“Our aim is to offer strategic partners a broad and deep range of products with a clearly disproportionate margin without having to go through the enormous effort of building up an exclusive brand portfolio theirselves and at the same time to participate in the volumes and synergies of the Fressnapf Group’s purchasing activities,” says Fressnapf founder and owner Torsten Toeller of the advantages for both sides.

As first strategic partner the Fressnapf group presents the Croatian pet supplies retailer “Zoo Hobby”. The company has been active in the pet food sector since 1974 and specializes in its own locations and wholesale in Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia.

The Fressnapf group will initially offer products of its exclusive brands PREMIERE, MultiFit and later also other brands in the markets of Zoo Hobby for their customers.

The partnership starts immediately and is to be expanded further and further after close observation and joint evaluation.

Source: Pets International magazine