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International Day of Friendship: celebrate with your pet

It is safe to say that most pet parents recognise their furry loved one as their very best friend. Whether it’s your cat, bird, rabbit or dog, International Day of Friendship on July 30 is a great excuse to celebrate your friendship by making those special moments together last a little longer.

It can be hard to find new and exciting activities to do with your pet that are outside of the ordinary – so why not make the ordinary extraordinary! PETstock has compiled some tips so you and your furry friend can make the most of your day of friendship.

Longer naps and cuddles

It can be hard to say no to a sleep-in, particularly on cold, rainy days. Enjoying a lazy morning together is a great way to spend quality time with your pet. According to PETstock VET Dr Hay Chung, paying attention to animals such as dogs improves their developmental and social skills, as well as their general health and mental wellbeing. “Positive interaction such as cuddling your pet helps strengthen the bond between you and build the relationship,” she says.

Extra playtime

“Playing with your pet helps maintain their physical health and reduces the risk of them developing behavioural issues, such as chewing, barking or digging,” says Dr Chung. Think how much they’d love an extra 15 minutes of playtime! As well as benefiting their physical health, introducing toys  into playtime provides mental stimulation for your pet. Playing hide and seek with your cat, taking your dog to the park, or letting your rabbit have a run around your home is a great way to spend quality time together as well as getting them to exert energy.

a treat

Enjoying a treat can be both delicious and nutritious for your pet. Giving your dog an uncooked bone as an after-dinner treat will keep their gums and teeth healthy, while you can indulge in your favourite ice-cream. Uncooked bones will keep your pet happy for hours while also providing them with the necessary minerals and nutrients they need for good digestive health.

Go Shopping!

What better way to recognise your friendship than buying your furry friend a gift? Buying your pet a new toy, accessory or outfit would be a great way to symbolise your friendship. It’s a win-win – you get the chance to go shopping and your pet can add to their toy collection or wardrobe.