It’s a Purrfect World

by Simonne Lee

I’ve always found I can slip into a trance when I listen and feel a cat’s purr. It instantly calms me down, I take a couple of deep breaths and just pause for a moment in time.

Cats are always purring away but a purr doesn’t always mean your cat is happy actually, it can mean quite a few different things.

  • They’re annoyed
  • We all know the ‘I love you’ purr
  • They’re stressed
  • It’s dinner time

When a cat is stressed it will begin to purr and it’s the vibration from their purr that will soothe their nervous system. It’s an automatic response for them to do this and will also do this if they’ve been injured. The purring vibration will speed the healing process for them as well. This vibration doesn’t just work on the felines of the world, it also has the same effect on the humans in their family too. If a human member of their family is not feeling well, a cat will come close by and just purr offering a very sweet healing to those they love. They instinctively know when we’re unwell and will do what they can to make us feel better.

Did you know the sound of a purr creates a vibration within a range of 20-140 Hz? This range is known to increase our immunity, vitality and calm our nervous system. It’s also therapeutic for many illnesses. Anything that helps to soothe our nervous system definitely is beneficial to our health.

So let’s look at some examples at the Power of a Purr

  1. BONES

The best range to promote healing is at 25 – 50Hz and then between 100 -200Hz is the second-best frequency for promoting healthy bones. A cat’s purr is right in the middle of these two ranges. It strengthens and repairs our bones.


Petting your cat when purring relaxes our nervous system and promotes a sense of calmness. Happy endorphins are released!


If you happen to have any swelling or infections, the purring vibration is known to reduce both and doing it’s best to strengthen our immune system.


Who knew that just by hanging out with your cat, you could reduce your blood pressure!


Studies indicate that cat owners have a 40% less risk of having a heart attack. New research suggests that our heart muscle physically suffers from being hurt or broken, so having a cat can assist in the healing of a broken heart.


By having a four-legged feline in your life, you’re less likely to step into a state of depression. It may be their constant healing purr or just how much love you. Either way, they’re bringing so much joy into your life.

So next time you’re feeling unwell or just a bit down, go hang out with your cat or visit a cat shelter. The power of a purr is significant and can make such an impact to your health as well as your heart.

PS if you’re considering becoming a cat owner, a rescue cat will eternally be grateful for a second chance with the purrfect family.

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Simonne Lee