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Paragon Petz Australia

Perth based importer/distributors of quality and unique pet products - Sourcing pet products from Australia and around the world. Established in 2012 (formally PP Wholesale), the company continues today as a wholesaler specialising on high quality dog products for the pet industry across Australia (all states) and New Zealand Our products are available to pet shops, groomers, online stores, dog trainers, pet care facilities, vet clinics.

Our Brands:

  •  Mendota Products USA – Handmade Dog Leads and Collars – British Style Slip Leash, Snap Leash, Dog Walker Martingale, Long Lines, Traffic Leads (16”). Collars: Double braided collars, Junior Double braided collars, Centre Link Collars, Command Slip Collars, ID name plate (brass) collars, ID name plate (coloured) collars. Leather collars -  Round, Narrow, Wide and Leather Leads- Round, Flat, Jaeger leads. Show Leads – slip leads, loop leads, snap leads, Show Martingales leads, show slip collars, Med Slide Lead 48”, Med Martingale Lead 12”, Fine Snap Leads 72”. Tracking Harness
  • Herm Sprenger Germany – specialised dog training collars, Leads, Whistles. Check Chains: Chrome, Stainless Steel, Black Coated, Satin, Fursavers: Chrome, Stainless Steel. Prong Collars: Stainless Steel, Chrome, Curogan, Black Coated Stainless Steel. Neck Techs, Rubberised Training leads, long lines.
  • Quaker Dog Toys USA – Plush toys - Go Dog, Just For Me, Flatties, Dragons.
  • Zippy Paws USA – Plush toys, Training Treat pouch.
  • Major Dog Germany –Dogs toys, training vest, Training Treat pouch. All Major Dog toys are TüV-certified, this means these products meet the same rigorous TüV Thüringen contaminant testing as children’s toys.
  • KVP International USA – Baskerville Ultra Muzzle, Saf-t Clear Collars, Calmer Collars, Bite Free Collars, ACO leads, EJ Bands.
  • Hurtta Dog Coats – Cooling Coats, Life Jackets, Winter Coats, Overalls.
  • Outward Hound USA – Plush Dog Toys, Interactive Games.

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