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Biotec Restoration Pty Ltd

DISTRIBUTE Product of Australia BIOTEC range for Aquarium/Pond & Turtles- Reptiles Consumables under Biotec labels. BIOTEC WATER TREATMENT: Bio-tec Water Ager Cn/Acn/St & Protect Coat Cn/Acn/St, Phosphate Con-trol, Beneficial Biotec Amtrite-Down(liquid, USA), Biosuper microbes(Usa), Biotec Tank Algone xP, Biotec SuperPeat, BIOTEC FOOD – Premium, Value, Budget Fish Food - Flake, Bits & Flake, Bits & Pellet, Sinking/Floating Pellets, Sizes: 0.5 small, 2, 4, 6-12mm(Xtra large): Biotec Ultra+/ Super Goldfish/ Redworm, /SpiruVeg/PureVeg/ Community Flake, Algae Wafer/ Algae/ Beefheart/ Pure Color Food/ Betta/ Cichlid/ Discus/ Marine/ Shrimps/ Axolotyl / Hermit Crab/Egg/Vitamins/ Yabby/Redclaw Sinking Pellets, Fry Food(4 sizes, powder +) , Astaxan-thin coated Dried Shrimps with prawn pieces & Seavegie Leafs, Herbal natural rem-edies, Vitamins & Minerals for Fish (powder), Turtle Food, Turtle Calcium Food, BIOTEC BLOCKS: Biotec Algae Tank/Pond Block, Tank/ Pond Neutralizer Blocks, Fish Weekend/ Holiday/ Pond Food Blocks, Turtle Neutralizer Calcium Block, Tur-tle Weekend/Holiday Food Block, BIOTEC POND CARE: Biotec Tank/ Pond Algae Control, Flocculant, Barley Extract, Magic Blue( Usa), Phosphate Control, Barley Extract. BIRDS: Biotec Vitamins & Minerals for Birds(powder). MEDICATION: Limited Fish/Turtle Medication.


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