Australian Pet Care Association

History of the Australian Pet Care Association

The Australian Pet Care Association (APCA), formally known as the Association of Pet Boarding and Grooming (APBG) has a long history within the pet care industry. Originally established in 1992, the association was established by a group of independent boarding kennel operators who were passionate about working together to see advancements in the industry.

Since its establishment, the Association has been primarily focused on providing members with essential information, help and support to assist businesses with operating their businesses efficiently and effectively.

We stand for ongoing and active improvements to animal care standards and Codes of Practice throughout Australia, whilst using an educated approach to ensure changes are commercially viable. We are constantly working alongside other professional associations and groups to collaborate on areas of concern within the industry. Members are regularly kept up to date through various channels and have the opportunity to contribute in many ways.

Members of the Association recently voted to make 2 significant changes:

  1. Change to the name of the Association to better represent the specific industry sectors that we represent throughout Australia, and
  2. Change the Association Rules with regard to membership structure, to ensure that there is a membership level available to anyone who wishes to stay up to date with key industry information.

Who we represent and who we are working with

We represent the Pet Boarding (Dogs and Cats), Doggie Daycare and Dog Training industries within Australia. Our membership structure now allows for four different levels, so that we can represent as many businesses and individuals as possible who support our specialised industry sectors. This means that there is a membership level for everyone, from an individual business owner right through to those who support our businesses such as employees, family members, or members of the public.

The restructure was done to support our goal of having a strong, united voice, supported by a large membership base, allowing the opportunity to have proper consultation with parliament on matters that are of vital importance to our industry.

Why join?

In more recent times, it has become evident that there are certain areas of the pet care industry that require a strong and united voice. The views on animal care, animal welfare, and legislation relating to animals within Australia is changing. These changes have very real potential to change the way that pet care professionals operate, and will have a significant impact on our industry.

As a result, it is vital that industry professionals be properly consulted as part of these proposed legislative changes. The Association has been actively monitoring parliamentary sittings since early 2020 to ensure that our industry has the opportunity to collaborate and respond on all relevant matters.

Summary of recent Association activities

Most recently, the Association has been:

  • Working with the Committee from Animal Care Australia (ACA) to support and unite in our responses to parliament
  • Writing to individual Members of Parliament to lobby on behalf of professional pet care operators
  • Collaborating with other industry associations on the industry changes to ensure our voice is heard
  • Meeting with relevant contacts within the animal industry (both on a national and international level) to form a plan of action to best respond to parliament
  • Collaborating across all States and Territories with business owners in the Pet boarding, Doggie Day Care and Training industry on our responses to these changes, and
  • Requesting meetings with nominated leaders such as the RSPCA, lobby group leaders, association leaders and members of parliament to discuss proposals.

Who can join?

Our membership base consists of anyone who supports the Objects of our Association. This includes business owners, other Associations, and members of the public.

The Objects of the Association are –

(1) To promote a high standard of animal care within our profession

(2) To promote a higher professional image of our Ordinary (Full) Members

(3) To act as a lobby group on issues that concern and threaten our Ordinary (Full) Members and their livelihood.

Membership categories have now been expanded to include 4 different categories, which range from a full member all the way through to those who are joining as an Advocate of our association. The various membership levels can be found at the following links, and we encourage every person who has, or is associated with, pet boarding, doggie day care or dog training, to join one of these membership levels.

To read about membership inclusions, go to:

To join, go to:

For more information or assistance, you can contact the Association at any time by emailing