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ABK Distribution

Distributors of bird, cat, dog, small animal natural and organic foods and products, including high absorbency organic bedding, reptile husbandry equipment and F10 disinfectant.

Brands include Wombaroo Passwell, iPetz, NAS, NeemPet, Smiley Dog, Armitage Dog, Cat and Small animal treats,  interactive and soft toys, Pet +Me silicon pet brushes, Bona Fide natural shampoos and conditioners, F10, Callington & Mac Mite Reptile Mite Spray, Galvanised products, Dried Mealworms and more.

Also publishers of Australian BirdKeeper and the ABK A Guide to ranges of captive care bird, reptile and amphibian books. Barron’s book range on smaller birds, Guinea Pigs, Rat and Mice and invertebrates also available.

Contact us for catalogues and price lists on 07 5568 0011 or email abk@abkdistribution.com.au.

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