Survive, Thrive or Dive – Your Choice

The order of current business is anything but orderly.

Norm has morphed into anorm and in some instances, abnorm. Surprises and the unexpected abound.

Rules for commerce, communications and consensus are being rewritten. It’s a work in progress. Everyone, it seems, is applying their own guidelines and frameworks. Big isn’t as big anymore. Downsizing and contractions have evolved into forces in their own rights. Nothing wrong with that!

Demand, momentum and productivity appear to be fluid. “Solid”, “intense” and “consistent” seem to be pensive calls from the past.


Each dimension addressed above, and more, suggest a noticeable absence of constraints. What is holding back most companies, brands, products, services and applications are the thoughts from within, rather than the market forces from without.

Shackles and hackles need to be cast aside. Elephants can be locked down with the presence, rather than the strength, of fragile constraining cords.

Wake up. Shake up. Stand up. Speak up. The world, consumers and the economy await you.


COVID-19 is not the only infectious presence in the society. Confidence, enthusiasm and authority are equally infectious, albeit rare, isolated and fractured during 2020.

It is difficult to identify and achieve consensus about the credentials of leaders in many aspects and sectors of life at present. The nature of physics will ensure those voids are filled. No applications necessary.

Survive, thrive or dive? Your choice.

Barry Urquhart
Communications Strategist
Marketing Focus
M:        041 983 5555