Animal Welfare


On Monday July 16, Kellyville Pets, in collaboration with the NSW Government are holding a Python Rescue Day where local families are invited to adopt a python as a pet!

Python Rescue Day is a chance to help find new homes for pythons that have either escaped from their owners or have been illegally released, or where they have been seized by the authorities. The day is a joint initiative between Kellyville Pets, the Central Coast Herpetological Society, Wildlife Animal Rescue and Care Society and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Kellyville Pets will have a range of micro-chipped and vet-checked pythons for adoption, including Carpet, Children’s, Diamond, Hybrid and Jungle Pythons.

“Pythons make great family pets, are low-maintenance to look after if provided with the right captive environment and have engaging personalities,” Kellyville Pets Reptile Manager Ben Dessen said. “We will have a team of experts on hand on the day to help assess the suitability of potential owners – this is a long-term commitment and the welfare of these animals is our first priority.

“To that end, Kellyville Pets is donating a ticket to each new owner to attend the python workshop, covering housing, maintenance and health, feeding, caring and general handling,” Mr Dessen said.

New owners will be required to have enclosures specifically designed for reptiles to prevent these captive animals escaping into the wild.

“Captive held reptiles often do not survive in the wild or could become an issue to native and domestic animals in the area, so it’s very important to have the right equipment.

“A special thanks to the NSW Government, Central Coast Herpetological Society and Wildlife ARC for collaborating on this rescue event. And I urge everyone to stop by Kellyville Pets this Python Rescue Day, even just for a look at the pythons available for adoption,” Mr Dessen said.

The Office of Environment and Heritage will be on site on the day to check licences and records, and customers will also be able to apply for a licence if they do not already have one.
Photos – Kellyville Pets