Pet Industry News has made the decision that from June 2019 the magazine will be digital only. With postage costs rising every year it is becoming very difficult to produce a hard copy of the magazine and distribute to the industry. I have received strong support from our regular advertisers and with reduced prices we hope to encourage more of the smaller companies to promote their products through the magazine.

Pet Industry News is Australia & New Zealand’s only pet trade magazine. Published four times a year, around 4200 digital copies of PIN are sent free of charge to pet shops, aquariums, kennel/catteries, grooming business, wholesalers, major vets, etc. throughout Australia and New Zealand and around the world. The success of the magazine in getting the message about our advertisers products has been proven over the past 29 years with many companies advertising since day one.

Advertising in Australia’s only trade magazine has now been made affordable with a variety of sizes enabling even the smallest business to promote their products through our magazine. We have a number of products available for advertisers ranging from double page spreads to email newsletters. We also offer advertising in the Directory of Suppliers- Quick & easy reference for your customer to find you. Located at the back of the magazine and online, list your companies detail of all states of Australia, New Zealand or the UK.

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Issue Published Month Deadline
No 30-4 Australian Summer 2020 DECEMBER 20th November 2020
No 31-1 Australian Autumn 2021 MARCH 25th February 2021
No 31-2 Australian Winter 2021 JUNE 21st May 2021
No 31-3 Australian Spring 2021 SEPTEMBER 27th August 2021
Advertising Type Australia
(including GST)
Double Page 277x400mm white border or 297x420mm $1,500.00 AU $1,350.00
Full page (A4) 190x280mm - 10mm white border or 210x297mm $880.00 AU $800.00
1/2 page landscape 190x135mm - 10mm white border or 210x143mm $550.00 AU $500.00
1/2 page vetical 90x280mm - 10mm white border or 100x297mm $550.00 AU $500.00
1/4 page 90mm wide x 135mm high $275.00 AU $250.00
  Directory Entry $145.00 p.a. $145.00 p.a.
Digital Advertising newsletter no more than 600x500px supplied as a JPG,GIF or PDF $120 for 4 issues
Web Banners 320x250px or 450x170px supplied as a JPG,GIF or PDF Price on application
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